Dig It Deep

Written by Digitalovertones

The sound of deep house wakes up the spirit deep down in your soul. I love it, I need it, I dig it!

Love funky deep house

A deep love for funky deep house, it’s this feeling in your belly, exciting! XTC kicking in a warm glow of satisfaction in your whole body.

Words can not describe, i make what is on, in me right now.

Deep electronic dance music

Dancing among the stars, deep house, move your feet. Move around to the sound, immersive sounds of the funky rhythms flowing thru the air. 

Deep electro Dance is a mix of every dance style combined. Moving like the wind on the dancefloor, bouncing around on that deep sound.

I Dig it deep

The music is born out of the burning desire to hear it in the world. This is a part of the new coming album GalXTC coming soon. 

Can you dig it?