Impact the future now

Written by Digitalovertones

The power to create an impact is in all of our hands. The future of our children is in our own hands. Creativity is a part of our birthright. Impact the future now. 

Create a future together which our children’s children remember us by, in the positive sense. We have the power, we can create this future.

Let music be the messenger of great change and harbour the possibility of brotherhood. 

We as humans, brothers and sisters on earth


The power to create a positive impact on the future. Resist the temptation to use up all of earth’s beautiful resources. Back to pure and clean living. 

Clean living with our heart, mind and soul.  Back to the essence of living.

Tribal affair 

We are a planetary tribe, research is our mantra and science our bible. We have the power to create a new world, based on real science and developing with real research. 


Search again and again, further and further and deeper still. Search for a deeper truth and a more pure live. You, me and the whole world.  We have the power to make an impact.

Impact the future now