Sunburst Chordiverse

Written by Digitalovertones

The Universe is full of chords. Colorful chord progressions to feel and experience. Freedom is in the language of music. The expression of what is on setting. Related to the beautiful future that is near.


Freedom in the choice of sound, freedom in the choice of progression.

Free in the choices you make. 

Freedom free modes, the sound explodes. Sunburst flames through the cosmos. That’s freedom , that’s pure nature. In the form of waves, electro and magnetic waves traveling through space.

What does freedom mean in space? We are all inhabitants of this universe. Do you really have Freedom? Freedom of choice? Freedom of thought? Freedom of expression? 

Music flows free

Free of the compulsive control of the culture. Music changes with every heartbeat. Earth’s heart is beating. Freedom flows through the veins and music is the messenger.