The becoming of GalXTC Force

Written by Digitalovertones

Long since the forces of music came into my life iv’e been awh struck by it’s magnificence.

The Force

The beat together with the acid baseline gives a special mood for me. I remember listening to the Acid Junkies back in the 90’s and feeling mesmerized by the moving sine waves!

Acid house, deep house, ambient, drum and bass and many more alternative styles belong to my taste. For me it resembles a force of change and progression. The future is coming fast.


This is not in the sense of the drug but more on the state it describes. Total XTC is what i try to pursue in the making of my music. Not for popular demand but for the experience in myself. 

The tones, the chords , rhythms and more all contribute to my life as a medicine. An Energy in motion. Powerful way to give form to what is happening.

Every moment a new sound

Musical greetings